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Glass fusing is the process of using a kiln to join together pieces of glass at temperatures between 1300 and 1550 degrees Fahrenheit. If you apply heat to glass, it will soften. If you continue to apply heat, the glass will become more fluid and flow together. Two or more pieces of glass will stick (or "fuse") to each other. When the right kind of glass is heated and then cooled properly (annealed), the resulting fused glass piece will be solid and unbroken. Many people also use the word "fusing" to include bending and shaping glass using the heat of a kiln. This manipulation can take many forms, but the most common is slumping, where a mold is used to cause already fused glass to take on the shape of a bowl, a plate, or similar object. All of my glasswork is hand cut, assembled, ground, and fired. Depending on the desired results, each piece is fired up to six times. This process takes several days for each firing. Every item is one of a kind as each time glass is fired, there are minute variables which influence the outcome. Therefore, even the simplest pendant cannot be reproduced.

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